Find International Universities That Recognize AP

Colleges and universities around the world recognize AP, and SAT Scores. See which schools use AP and other College Board programs to inform their admissions, placement, or scholarship decisions.

Looking at U.S. Universities?


  1. To search for AP policies outside the U.S., download the Global Higher Education Recognition of SAT and AP spreadsheet.

    This resource has the most up-to-date information about universities outside the U.S. that use AP,  and SAT scores to inform their decisions.

  2. Scroll to the right.

    Once you have the spreadsheet open, scroll past the SAT column to see the AP column.

  3. Filter as needed.

    You can filter by type of recognition given (admission, credit/placement, scholarships, English proficiency). You can also filter by university, country, region, and College Board code.

  4. To search AP policies in the U.S., click the yellow "Search AP Policies" button on this page.

    Then, either select an AP course name from the dropdown menu and click “Submit” to see what U.S. universities grant credit or placement for qualifying scores in that course, or click “Find Your College” and type the name of a U.S. college or university to learn how it uses AP scores.