Taking AP Globally

Learn how students all over the world can benefit from the Advanced Placement® Program (AP), which offers you the opportunity to take university-level courses and exams while still in secondary school.

Did You Take an AP Exam?

Keep in Mind

Taking AP can help you stand out on university applications.

Taking AP courses and doing well on AP Exams show admission officers that you’ve mastered university-level knowledge and skills. Universities around the world recognize AP Exam scores as a valid measure of academic achievement.

You may be able to take AP courses online.

If your school doesn’t offer AP courses, your teachers or school counselors can help you take AP courses through an approved online AP provider.

Taking AP can save you time and money.

Your AP Exam scores could earn you university credits and/or let you skip some introductory courses, which could save you time and money as you earn your degree.

Taking AP lets you learn more about the topics you love.

In an AP course, you’ll study a subject in more depth than you would in a regular high school class.

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