Taking AP in China

COVID Update 2022

2022 AP Testing in Mainland China: May Update

We are closely monitoring covid restrictions in Shanghai and other Chinese cities and the challenge they pose for AP testing. We have been working with our test administration partners at Prometric to try to keep test centers open, and with schools to reschedule their exams to the last two weeks of May when feasible.

Unfortunately, widespread covid restrictions will prevent some locations from testing in May, and we are not able to provide makeup options beyond May given the scale and uncertainty of the situation in China. We regret the impact that this decision may have on students who have worked hard all year to prepare for this opportunity. Please note that this decision is final, and College Board Customer Service does not have additional information and unfortunately will not be able to assist.

Students who are unable to test due to closures at their school or test center may receive a refund directly from their school or test center. Students who are unable to test this year may choose to take an exam next year. If they’ve graduated from high school they can consider taking a College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam.

We are proactively communicating with higher education institutions about the challenges with AP testing in China and calling on them to extend as much flexibility as possible to these students. Students unable to submit AP Exam scores for admissions or credit will be able to provide university admission offices with a letter from College Board verifying local exam cancellations, available on ap-china.org after May exams have concluded.

AP subjects that do not have an end-of-course exam – AP Art and Design (Drawing, 2D, 3D) and AP Research – can receive an AP score if the student’s portfolio work was submitted by the exam deadline.

Q: Why can’t there be makeup AP Exams after May?
A: We are unable to schedule a national makeup window after May due to the scale of ongoing covid disruptions in China. The lack of certainty about when large gatherings will be permitted, when testing locations and staff will be available, when schools may re-open for in-person learning, and when exam materials could be delivered without service disruptions and hold times make it impossible to plan a makeup exam administration.

Q: Does AP offer predictive scoring or scores based on schoolwork?
A: No. To receive an AP score, a student must take the AP Exam.

Q: Can I defer or postpone my exam?
A: Students can test next year by registering for May 2023 exams when registration opens in fall 2022 at their school or test centers (follow local registration policies and procedures.)

Q: Are at-home digital AP Exams available this year?
A: No. At-home digital testing was always designed as temporary solution during the worldwide coronavirus disruptions in 2020 and 2021. With the return of in-person learning for the majority of the world this year, AP Exams returned to their traditional administration model. 

Q: How and when will I receive a refund?
A: Students who are unable to test due to closures at their school or test center may receive a refund directly from their school or test center. Please check with your school or test center for all refund details.

Available end of May: List of AP Schools and Test Center Closures in China (for colleges and universities to verify closures)

General Information: AP Exams 2022

The 2022 AP Exams will be administered in schools and test centers as paper-and-pencil exams over two weeks in May: May 2–6 and May 9–13. Early testing or testing at times other than those published by College Board is not permitted under any circumstances. Some schools and test centers may offer late testing dates if students cannot test during the first two weeks of May.

Taking AP in China

College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program is internationally recognized and offered worldwide. The program consists of college-level courses that high schools authorized by AP can choose to offer, as well as corresponding exams that are administered once a year—around the world, including in China.

To meet the needs of AP students in China, there are two types of testing locations:

  • International schools that are authorized as AP testing sites can administer AP Exams to their own students, who are generally citizens of countries other than China. Typically, these schools don’t administer exams to students who aren’t enrolled in their school.
  • Local test centers serve students who are enrolled in local public or private Chinese schools authorized to offer the AP Program. The test centers administer AP Exams to students from multiple schools. For the 2021-22 school year, College Board will partner with Prometric to manage AP exam registration and administration for local test centers in China. Students must follow Prometric’s timeline for China to register in fall 2021 for the May 2022 AP Exams. Instructions will be sent directly to the school’s AP coordinators. Students may also visit https://www.prometric.com.cn/apchina.

Students should be aware that international schools and Prometric–managed test centers may have different AP Exam registration periods. If you need to test in China in May 2022, contact the school’s AP coordinators before October.

Moving to China

If you’re a student who plans to enroll at a high school in China during the 2021-22 school year, you can use the AP Course Ledger to find schools that offer AP courses. Once enrolled, you’ll work with your school’s AP coordinator to arrange your exams. The same process applies if you’re a student traveling in China during the AP Exam Administration.