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For Students

Almost all India Global Alliance members accept SAT scores as part of their admissions process, so it’s easy to apply to multiple universities with one exam. You'll find information on registering for the SAT on our International Registration page.

When to Take the SAT in India

Each year, there are five opportunities for you to take the SAT in India:

  • March
  • May
  • August
  • October
  • December

The International Registration page shows specific SAT test dates, registration deadlines, and other useful information to help you sign up for the test.

How Students Benefit from the SAT

In addition to simplifying the university application process in India, the SAT supports you on the road to college in the following ways:

  • Free, personalized SAT practice. Thanks to Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®, the free online study tool from the maker of the SAT, you’ll know just what to study to prepare for the SAT. You’ll get sample questions, full-length practice tests, and a personalized study plan created just for you. Learn more about Official SAT Practice.
  • SAT fee reductions. You can save up to 90% off your test fee if you qualify. See how to request SAT fee reductions.
  • Free SAT score sends. There’s no fee to send your SAT scores to almost any India Global Alliance university. Learn how to send SAT scores.
  • Recognition for accomplishments. If you earn a total SAT score of 1300 or higher, you’ll receive the distinction of being a College Board India Top Performer.
  • College Board India Scholars Program. If you’re a top performer, you may be eligible for a full scholarship at participating India Global Alliance member universities. Learn more about the College Board India Scholars Program.