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The India Global Higher Education Alliance is a group of innovative universities in India and established universities outside the country.
The goal of the alliance is to expand access to high-quality higher education to all Indian students and make it easier for them to apply to multiple Indian universities at once with the SAT.

How It Works

Building Community

The alliance is a platform for Indian university leaders to collaborate with and learn from their international peers.

Sharing Best Practices

Education leaders from India and around the world discuss proven recruitment strategies and how to adapt them to attract a diverse group of students to universities in India.

Developing Concrete Actions

Alliance members use their collective expertise to come up with real-world solutions to enhance the quality of higher education in India and make sure all students from all backgrounds can access that education.

India Global Alliance and the SAT

Beyond sharing best practices and implementing change on campuses, alliance members use the SAT as a way to measure students’ readiness for university. These universities join thousands of institutions around the world who trust the SAT because research shows it to be a reliable predictor of university success.

Almost all alliance members accept SAT scores as part of their admissions process. This makes it simpler for students to apply to multiple Indian universities and allows members to reach out to students inside and outside India.

Get an overview of what’s on the SAT.

Member Benefits

When Indian universities join the alliance, here’s what they get:

  • Membership in a global community of India-focused educators working to deliver opportunity to all students.
  • Exclusive tools designed to attract a diverse set of students from India and around the world.
  • Professional development opportunities that promote best practices in recruitment, admission, and enrollment.
  • Data and resources that support educational growth and improvement.
  • Financial assistance from the College Board to co-fund scholarships for high-achieving, low-income Indian students.
  • Access to two annual gatherings where they’ll work with international education leaders to improve the university admissions experience.


The following Indian institutions are members of the India Global Alliance:



Affiliate Members

Affiliate alliance members are prominent colleges and universities outside of India who share global best practices with Indian alliance members. They offer guidance on international benchmarks and standards and how Indian universities can adapt them to enhance their enrollment and recruitment efforts.

Here’s a list of our affiliate members.