India Global Higher Education Alliance

Curious About IGA Universities?

What Is the India Global Higher Education Alliance?

The India Global Higher Education Alliance (IGA) is a group of more than 40 respected universities in and outside of India that are working to make it easier for all qualified Indian students, regardless of income, geography, or social class, to apply to and enroll in Indian universities and get a world-class education.

Benefits of the IGA

Indian universities benefit from being part of the IGA by having access to higher education leaders from around the world and learning from their successful recruitment strategies.

There are three key steps to the IGA’s success:

  • Building community: Indian university leaders build relationships and get professional support from international peers who are experts in student preparation, recruitment, admission, and enrollment practices.
  • Sharing best practices: Education leaders from India and around the world discuss proven recruitment strategies and how to adapt them to attract a diverse group of students to universities in India.
  • Developing concrete actions: Alliance members use their collective expertise to come up with real-world solutions to enhance the quality of higher education in India and make sure students from all backgrounds can access that education.

India Global Alliance and the SAT

Beyond sharing best practices and implementing change on campuses, alliance members use the SAT as a way to measure students’ readiness for university. These universities join thousands of institutions around the world who trust the SAT because research shows it to be a reliable predictor of university success.

Almost all alliance members accept SAT scores as part of their admissions process. This makes it simpler for students to apply to multiple Indian universities and allows members to reach out to students inside and outside India.