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India Global Higher Education Alliance

The College Board is forming the India Global Higher Education Alliance (“India Global Alliance”) to provide a platform for innovative Indian universities to engage with the world’s most prominent universities to drive access and excellence in undergraduate preparation, recruitment, admission, and enrollment practices. Through peer institution collaboration, the India Alliance will seek to simplify the application process among its members, as well promote global benchmarks and standards.

The India Global Alliance will: 

  • Convene universities in India with prominent universities globally to foster collaboration and sharing of best practices to advance access and excellence in higher education.
  • Provide member institutions with tools to reach diverse sets of students in India and across the globe.
  • Assess students against a global benchmark, the SAT®.
  • Provide professional development on global best practices in recruitment, admission, and enrollment that can be adapted for the Indian context.
  • Connect secondary and tertiary education in India through College Board programs such as the SAT and Advanced Placement ®.
  • Give students, schools, and educators access to data and resources that focus on educational growth and improvement.
  • Bring together a community of dedicated educators working to deliver opportunity to students around the globe.

Furthering Access and Excellence

Higher education in India has seen substantial growth and innovation in the last thirty years. The size and scale of India, along with the varying secondary school curricula across the different states and territories, with different content and grading norms, represent a great multiplicity. Many of these institutions have produced scholars, scientists, and business leaders of international renown.

At the same time, this diversity in approach can pose a challenge for higher education institutions in India that want a truly national student body. Beyond those with a national outlook, those universities that are looking globally to attract a student body, the means to select a student body that maintains global standards in a fair manner, is an additional burden.

At the intersection of the diversity and innovation, there is an opportunity to showcase and further additional excellence in the higher education system.

College Board India Scholars Program will recognize academically talented students in India.  Students who have achieved above a certain level on the SAT will be designated as College Board India Scholars. The College Board, India Global Alliance Members and local Non-Government Organizations will contribute to the tuition support for qualified College Board India Scholars.

Unparalleled Support to Students and Secondary Schools

The India Global Alliance is committed to access, equity, and excellence in Indian higher education. Through India Global Alliance, students applying to member universities will: 

  • Know what to expect on a common entrance exams-the SAT with clear guidance on test content and specifications.
  • Get more opportunities to put their best foot forward: One test for multiple universities in India and across the world, more test administrations, and the chance to showcase their knowledge and skills.
  • Test centers in more than 40 cities in India and more than 186 countries and territories around the world.
  • Get free test  practice: Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®, a world-class alternative to expensive “coaching” that’s inclusive, high quality, and personalized.
  • Pay a reduced price to take the SAT if they qualify.
  • Be recognized for their academic achievements through the new College Board India Scholars Program.  Students with financial need may also be eligible to receive scholarships to Alliance universities through this program.
  • Build key skills in problem solving and critical thinking to help drive India’s emerging knowledge economy.

Secondary schools and educators will benefit from:

  • Common understanding of the skills students need to be successful on a common entrance exam-the SAT and ready for university study.
  • A powerful set of reports with progressive, vertically aligned assessments that give detailed insight on students’ strengths and weaknesses to inform instruction and measure readiness for university.
  • Flexibility of a test accepted by universities in India and around the world.

About the SAT

The tests in the SAT Suite of Assessments—the SATPSAT/NMSQT®PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9—make it easier to help students navigate a path from secondary school through higher education and career. The SAT is one of the world’s most widely researched and rigorously developed undergraduate entrance examinations.  Extensive research has repeatedly proven its validity as a fair predictor of readiness and success in higher education.  All India Global Alliance members will accept SAT as an entrance exam to evaluate a student’s candidacy for admission.  This is applicable for students applying from within in India and abroad.

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About the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®

Khan Academy, in partnership with The College Board, offers free practice for the SAT on mobile devices and on a computer. Students who register even receive personalized practice questions to make sure they are prepared. This world-class resource allows ALL students to practice for the SAT without the heavy burden of additional cost.

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