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About the Overseas Schools Project

The Overseas Schools Project for College Admission and Counseling, conducted by the College Board through a grant from the United States Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools, is designed to enhance college guidance for students, parents, counselors, and administrators in overseas schools. 

Established in 1973, its goal has been to effectively connect overseas guidance professionals to current U.S. college admissions and financial aid information. Every world region benefits from the project’s activities annually. The consultants do not represent their own institutions; rather they serve as experts with a wealth of information about higher education in the United States.

  • Consultation visits bring top university admissions officials to A/OS-assisted schools where they work with students, parents, college guidance counselors, school administrators, and local embassy staff.
  • The admissions consultants often attend the annual regional overseas schools association conferences, conducting program sessions on topics related to college admissions and trends in U.S. higher education.
  • The Summer Institute for International Counselors, programmed by the College Board and hosted across New York University’s three global campuses (New York, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi), brings guidance counselors from overseas schools together with U.S. college and university admissions officials for a week of networking and learning with emphasis on the most current information about U.S. higher education. International counselors are encouraged to sign up for the monthly newsletter.

The Office of Overseas Schools provides financial assistance on a limited basis for counselors from U.S. State Department Assisted Schools to attend the Summer Institute.

The Overseas Schools Project Advisory Committee

Working with the Regional Education Officers in the Office of Overseas Schools, and with the support of the team at the College Board, the Overseas Schools Project maintains a committee of leaders in the field of U.S. Higher Education admissions. The committee members include: 

Shawn Abbott, Vice Provost for Admissions, Financial Aid and Enrollment Management, Temple University

Adele C. Brumfield, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, University of California (UC) San Diego

William Douglas Hartog, Senior Associate Dean, Office of Admission, University of Virginia

Diane McKoy, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Director of Staff and Professional Development, Columbia University in the City of New York

Ellen Kim, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Johns Hopkins University

Elisabeth O’Connell, Senior Associate Dean, International Admissions, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Pennsylvania 

Comments from the Field

"For the first time we had almost 70 [parents] at an evening presentation. Spectacular!" —Counselor in Latin America

“We greatly enjoyed having the OSP traveler on campus and found his interactions with parents and, especially students, very positive and enriching.”  —Counselor in Europe 

Resources for Students and Parents

The College Board’s Study Abroad page highlights the various steps students and families should follow if they are interested in learning more about applying to colleges and universities in the United States. In addition, students and families may research 3,800+ U.S. universities on Parents may also Sign Up for important notifications from the College Board. 

Resources for College Counselors and Educators

Preparing Students for College is an incredibly rewarding experience that professionals like you get to accomplish on a daily basis. The College Board’s College Guidance center includes a variety of resources for counselors to learn about best practices within the field.  From Explaining Financial Aid to families to Finding Colleges That Fit, we’ve got you covered! 

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To learn more about College Board programs such as the SAT Suite of Assessments and the Advanced Placement® Program (AP), visit the College Board’s International Educators and Counselors center.