Overseas Schools Project (OSP) Video Series

Advice for International Students About U.S. University Admissions


This series of videos offers insights into U.S. higher education and the college planning process for students and families. School counselors and educators will also find this advice helpful.

This project was made possible by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools (A/OS), which – in partnership with the College Board – administers the Overseas Schools Project (OSP). OSP aims to provide expert advice about college admissions and financial aid to students, parents, teachers, and counselors at schools serving U.S. students overseas.

For your viewing preference, these videos are sorted by category:

  • Context on College Planning
    • Embracing the Concept of “Right Match”
    • Decoding U.S. College Application Process: How Core Components Fit Together
  • Core College Application Component
    • How to Improve Your School Profile and Transcripts
    • Guiding Students in Writing College Application Essays
    • Coaching Colleagues in Composing Letters of Recommendation
  • Key Advanced Topics
    • Trends in College Costs & Financial Aid
    • Viewing Access, Diversity & Inclusion within U.S. Higher Education Admissions through a Global Lens


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