Participate in College Board Programs

Before your school can administer or participate in any College Board programs, such as the SAT or the AP Program, or receive reports from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) or the Common Application, it needs to have an official school code. Follow these instructions to get an international secondary school code and set your students up for success.

Get a School Code


  1. Print and complete the form.

    You’ll need to provide basic information about your school, like its name, mailing address, and phone number. You’ll also need to include other data, like the number of students who attend the school and the number of teachers who teach there.

  2. Have the head of your school review and sign the form.

    By signing the form, the head of school confirms that all the information on the form is accurate. This is important because if the information isn’t accurate, the school code will be invalid.

  3. Don’t worry about getting it notarized.

    Although the form says you need to get a notary’s signature to process your school code request, this is no longer necessary.

  4. Send your completed school code request form to ETS.

    You can scan and email a copy of the form to [email protected], or mail a printed copy to the address included at the end of the form.