International Events and Workshops

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We regularly hold virtual and in-person gatherings outside the U.S. for education professionals around the world in order to expand and improve education opportunities for all students.

AP Professional Learning

College Board is hosting two in-person AP workshops in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. 

AP Public Workshop 10/29/22 - De La Salle College
AP Leader: Building and Maintaining an AP Program 10/29/22 - De La Salle College
Toronto, Canada
October 29, 2022

AP Public Workshop 11/5/22 - Franklin School
AP Leader: Building and Maintaining an AP Program 11/5/22 - Franklin School
Vancouver, Canada
November 5, 2022

Learn about other professional learning opportunities here.

Annual International School Webinars

The College Board Annual International School Webinars, hosted on September 8-15, 2022, provided information and resources to support international educators and their work with students and families. This year’s webinars covered key updates on:

  • Everything to know about Digital SAT

  • PSAT score reporting and AP Potential

  • AP Program updates:

    • 2022 AP exam results

    • What's new in AP Classroom

    • 2023 AP exams: key dates and milestone

    • Pre-AP: Prepare students and teachers for AP courses

  • BigFuture and Student Search Service: free college planning resources for students, parents, and educators

  • Financial Aid and CSS Profile

Watch the Recording Below:

Presentation & Resources: 2022 College Board Annual International School Webinars

International University Talks (UniTalks)

We invite students, their families, and counselors to the College Board International University Talks series. UniTalks is a virtual university planning series designed to connect students based outside the U.S. with universities around the world. We aim to provide students with the knowledge and resources needed to own their future.

We are in the process of confirming future UniTalks. Once confirmed, the registration links will be listed below.

On-Demand Recordings
We invite you to watch the following on-demand UniTalks webinars.

  • How the U.S. Continues to Welcome International Students
  • Study in the U.S.
  • Study in the U.K.
  • Study in Canada
  • Study in Australia and New Zealand

Watch the On-Demand Recordings for counselor sessions
Share the On-Demand Recordings for student and parent sessions

College Board Summer Institute for International Counselors

Each year, College Board offers practical training and guidance on key topics in college counseling and university admissions. Faculty include distinguished U.S. and international higher education leaders and seasoned counselors. In 2022, the Institute offered two concurrent program strands to meet the varying needs of counselors: New Counselors and Experienced Counselors.
Watch the On-Demand Recordings from previous Institutes

College Board Canada Forum

This annual event brings together leaders from secondary and postsecondary schools and school systems in Canada, both public and private, to discuss how Canada can better prepare young people to transition from high school to university. Check back for updates on the next Forum.

India Global Alliance Events

College Board's India Global Alliance Virtual Forum 2022 for educators
February 10, 2022
Watch the Recording (Passcode: U7.=P*Bksh)

College Board’s UniTalk India 2022 for students and parents
July 19, 2022
Watch the Recording (Passcode: c4!YLT6Rv=)