AP International University Recognition

AP is recognized as a highly desirable academic credential around the globe. Universities in over 60 countries outside the United States recognize AP in the admission process. Universities may also recognize AP Exam scores for advanced placement, the opportunity to skip introductory-level courses or award credit or points toward an undergraduate degree.

Additionally, we recognize schools with SAT policies where applicable.  Please note that specific SAT scores, minimums, or ranges listed on this website likely pertain to the pre-March 2016 SAT.  A concordance table on the College Board website can be used to compare these old score expectations to the new SAT.  We are currently contacting schools to determine their SAT score expectations for the post-March 2016 SAT administrations.  In the meantime, as well as always good practice, one should contact the university directly to get the latest policy updates. 

We are currently working with universities as they develop and communicate their AP recognition policies, and we are continuing to update these pages as universities send us their information.

Search for AP Recognition Policies

Each college and university determines its own policies regarding AP Exam scores. For detailed information about the AP recognition policies of universities located outside the U.S., use the drop-down list below to select the university or college by country.

See Where AP Can Take You

Learn about how one Swiss AP student was able to use her AP Exam scores for admission to Oxford University. Read the story of Sonia Curtis.


For a listing of universities in the United States that recognize AP and their detailed policies, please consult AP Credit Policy.