The Advanced Placement Program (AP)

Good luck to everyone taking AP Exams! View the complete 2016 AP Exam schedule.

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) enables willing and academically prepared students around the world to pursue university-level studies while still in high school, with the opportunity to earn credit (points toward an undergraduate degree) or advanced placement (the opportunity to skip an introductory level university course). AP is recognized in the admissions process by more than 4,000 universities worldwide, and outside the U.S., more than 600 universities in more than 65 countries recognize qualifying AP Exam scores.

AP courses and exams are available in secondary schools and measure your mastery of university-level course content. The program allows you to develop a global perspective, as well as skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. There are currently 34 AP courses and exams available. Exams are administered in May, and scores can be sent directly to the universities of your choice.

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Also read about Sonia Curtis, a former Swiss student at the L'Ecole d'Humanite, who used her AP Exam scores to apply to Oxford University where she is currently enrolled.

How to Register for AP

If you’re interested in taking an AP course and exam, talk to your school’s AP Coordinator about the course you would like to take. Your AP Coordinator can help you register for the exams, order necessary materials and let you know where and when to take the exams.

If you attend a school that does not offer AP, contact AP Services at +1 212 632 1780 or for assistance with locating a testing location near you. For more information on registering for AP Exams, visit Registering for AP Courses and Exams (not in China or India).

To find which schools offer AP in your country, check the AP Course Ledger and begin your search by entering your country in the ‘Ledger Search’ area. The AP Course Ledger is the official record of schools with authorized courses that can use the AP designation on secondary school transcripts. Courses that have not completed the AP Course Audit are not listed in the AP Course Ledger, cannot use the “AP” designation on students’ transcripts, and are not recognized by universities as an AP course.

AP in Canada

For eligible Canadian students who are interested in registering for an AP course or taking an AP Exam, please visit our AP Canada page for information on high schools in your area that offer AP. You can also find Canadian universities that recognize AP Exam scores in their admission process.

AP in China

For eligible national Chinese students who currently do not attend a school that offers AP and are interested in taking an AP Exam, please note that you must register with your designated AP authorized test center during the registration window. Visit our AP in China page for details about the  AP Exam registration and schedule.

AP in India

Eligible students have the option to take AP Exams at authorized test centers, regardless if you’re enrolled in any AP courses. If you’re at a school that offers AP courses, check with your AP Coordinator first to see if the AP Exams you wish to take are offered at your school.

AP International Diploma

If you’ve already enrolled in AP courses and scored well on your AP Exams, you may qualify for the AP International Diploma (APID), a globally recognized certificate awarded to students who display exceptional achievement on AP Exams across a variety of disciplines. Learn more about AP International Diploma (APID).

AP and SAT Subject Tests

Dreaming of undergraduate study in the US or elsewhere abroad? Students who take or will take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests should also consider AP courses and exams. Research shows that students who take SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams in matched subject areas tend to perform better on both.

SAT Subject Tests are hour-long university entrance exams that assess knowledge of secondary-school-level curricula, based on secondary school course work. AP Exams assess university-level knowledge and skills based on university-level course work offered trough AP courses which you take in secondary school.

Both AP and SAT Subject Tests can help you stand out in the university admissions process and help you start your university experience at the appropriate academic level. SAT Subject Tests are primarily used for admissions purposes, and some institutions also utilize the tests for university course placement or credit. Some universities have specific Subject Test policies for international students. AP exams offer the benefit of advanced placement into higher-level university courses based on exam performance. For specific university application requirements and policies, we encourage you to check the websites of the universities to which you are interested in applying.