The College Board’s Summer Institute for International Counselors at NYU

Summer Institute for International Counselors at NYU

For over 40 years, our Summer Institute has provided comprehensive, interactive training for counselors at international secondary schools and advisors from not-for-profit educational organizations.

Global Formats

We are excited to offer three global formats:

Each of the Summer Institutes provides comprehensive, interactive training for counselors at international secondary schools or advisers from not-for-profit educational organizations. Each day will focus on a central theme, and the themes will incrementally build on one another through the institute. Through compelling sessions and engaging dialogue with our faculty and your peers, you will learn how to provide your students with an early and ongoing understanding of the admission process for U.S. universities. You will also acquire strategies and tools to help your students secure postsecondary options that best fit their career aspirations.

Please note that we typically receive more applications than we can accommodate. It is best to complete your forms early.

Institute Topics

  • Best practices in international school counseling
  • Higher education perspectives on applications
  • Holistic admission review process
  • Counseling management tools
  • School Profiles and Transcripts
  • College Essays and Letters of Recommendation
  • Budgeting fundamentals
  • Financial aid for U.S. study for non-U.S. citizens
  • Resources and trends in college and career planning
  • Components of a college application
  • Guiding English language learners
  • Obtaining a U.S. student visa
  • Transcripts and testing in admission

Institute Faculty

Institute resident faculty will include chief enrollment officers from a diverse set of U.S. college and universities as well as leaders in the K-12 international college counseling community.

What Past Participants Have Said About the Summer Institute for International Counselors:

"This is just about the best PD there is. (If) you want to find the perfect fit for students, keep colleges close and adjust parents' expectations — this will tell you how."

"Besides the invaluable and insightful information of all sessions, the friendly and relaxed time with (other) counselors with varying degrees of experience from around the world made this institute a great professional development opportunity."

"I highly recommend this course for new counselors! I feel much more prepared to help our students and their parents in their college application process."

2015 Summer Institute Photos

Justify Your Attendance

Attending the College Board’s 2016 Summer Institute for International Counselors is valuable to your career and your school’s success. You may find our tools and resources helpful when communicating with your head of school, principal, director, or supervisor about attending. Use the flyer and justification letter below for successful approval of the funding you need to attend.

Justification letter. Customize a letter to your principal, director, or supervisor to help explain the value of attending the Summer Institute.

For inquiries regarding the Summer Institute, please email