College Board International Research

Over the last two decades, the number of students participating in College Board programs worldwide has risen substantially. In addition, College Board programs have increasingly been valued and used by universities outside the U.S.

In fact, over 700 higher education institutions in 85 countries and regions outside the U.S. recognize AP, and SAT  in admissions for credit, placement, and/or scholarship consideration.

Research confirms the importance of the SAT and the AP Program as indispensable tools for admissions and enrollment leaders. These assessments provide pivotal insights about the college readiness of students around the globe.

This page is dedicated to the research by College Board on its programs in the international sphere.

SAT Validity on International Students at U.S. Higher Education Institutions

As part of an ongoing series of SAT validity research, College Board examined the relationship between students’ SAT performance and higher education outcomes among international students at U.S. institutions. The study found that, as with the larger national study , SAT scores are strongly predictive of first-year academic performance for these students.

Validity of the SAT at Higher Education Institutions Outside the U.S.

A case study of three institutions of higher education in three countries (India, Lebanon, and Scotland) revealed that the SAT is useful in predicting first-year success for students studying at universities outside the U.S. For admissions and enrollment professionals, the SAT is a pivotal tool in assessing the academic preparedness of their applicants.