Start Receiving AP and SAT Scores

Before your university can receive AP and SAT scores from students, it needs to have a College Board code, officially called a “designated institution (DI) code.” Once your university has a DI code, students can use it to send their scores to you.


  1. Fill out the Designated Institution Code Request Form.

    Be sure to fill in all the required fields: the name of your university, its full mailing address, its phone number, and the email of the person (or office) who’ll be reviewing the test scores.

  2. Include your own contact information.

    We won’t publish or share this information with anyone outside the College Board. We just need an email in case we have questions about your submission.

  3. Submit your request.

    Click the CAPTCHA box so we know you’re not a robot, then click “Submit.” You should get an email within two weeks with your 4-digit DI code, which you can start sharing immediately. We’ll add this code to our international code list, so students and counselors can find it. We recommend adding your DI code to your website and informational materials.

  4. Make sure students know you accept scores from College Board programs.

    Once you get your DI code, email us to make sure we accurately list your university’s SAT and AP score policies in our student and educator resource.