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A College Board Designated Institution Code allows colleges, universities, and other higher education organizations to receive SAT and AP score reports. Students designate your institution as the recipient of their scores via a four–digit numeric code. Students will indicate your institution’s four–digit code either when they register for their exam, or after they have taken their exam(s).  The information you provide in the form below will be used to send your institution scores from test takers.

We also ask that you supply your personal contact information in the case of questions and future communication from The College Board. Your individual name and email will not be published, nor will the email or telephone number of the university. The Designated Institution code and the country of the institution is published and shared with students and schools.

This request should be processed within two weeks of submission. Once it has been processed, your Designated Institution Code will be functional immediately and you can share the code with students.

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You will need to sign up for individual account, called an Electronic Professional Login, which will be sent to you by email once your request has been processed.