A U.S. undergraduate education is among the best in the world. From aerospace engineering to visual arts, U.S. bachelor’s degree programs offer students the flexibility to choose general subject courses that pique their interests before deciding on a specific career path. However, the road to your U.S. education involves much research and preparation. Take a look at the topics below for the information you need to get started.

What should international students know? Hear from Stephanie Balmer, Dean of Admissions at Dickinson College.

U.S. Study Basics

When do you start planning? What are the differences among U.S. universities and programs? Learning about the U.S. basics is a good way to start.

U.S. Campus Culture

Studying in the U.S. can be a life changing experience. It will challenge you to adapt to new surroundings and different norms within and outside the university community. Learn what to expect and how to immerse yourself in U.S. campus culture.

Getting Prepared

When you don’t know where to start, any journey can seem daunting. We’ll tell you what steps to take — and when to take them — to help you get prepared.

Applying to U.S. Schools

You’ve done the research, taken the required tests, earned the necessary credentials and made a list of your top university choices. Now it’s time to showcase yourself and your academic accomplishments and apply to U.S. schools.

After You’ve Been Accepted

Stay on track with these important next steps after you've been accepted, such as coming up with a plan for paying college costs and applying for your entry to the U.S.